About Us

Why this site?  What do we want to accomplish here?  Where did it all begin?

A small collection of the All Things DOS vintage computer collection

A small selection of our systems

All Things DOS started out as an idea in Tom’s head. Tom had been posting on Vintage Computer Forums, basically making a pest of himself like any good Geek should, when he was approached by someone asking if he would like to take over their IBM PC website. Tom quickly said sure, then with no idea how to build or run a website, turned to his old friend Ed who had some past experience at building and running websites. After months of trial and error, All Things DOS was born. The games, articles, and some other content come from the original site. However, Tom and Ed quickly added their own spin to things.

The original goal was to concentrate on the IBM-5150 PC. After much searching for a good domain name, allthingsdos.com was picked. Only after buying the name and getting started did they discover that their interest included more than just DOS based computers. Even before the ink was dry on AllThingsDOS.com, They had already added an Apple IIe, other computers were quick to follow. It was too late to change their site name, so All Things DOS became a catch-all for vintage computers.

Much of All Things DOS content still relates to the early IBM DOS based computers, but Ed and Tom are true geeks, and they can’t leave out their other loves. Join All Things DOS for a tour down memory lane or discover what computers and computing was once about.

Please help them in this project if you have any images, stories, etc. you can donate please contact the webmaster aka Ed


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