All Things DOS Facilities Update

Ed's new computer workbench

Ed’s new computer workbench

A couple of weeks ago Ed won two portable computer desks at action from the
Clark County School District. He paid two dollars each for them.

This weekend he has set the first up as a workbench. A place he can work on
and repair vintage computers. He had installed a light with a large
magnifying lens so he can see what he is doing. He still needs to order and
install antistatic mats to protect the electronics.

Ed plans to set the other up as a soldering station. Where he can work on
boards that can’t be replaced. That means he needs to get a second
magnifying light and a second antistatic mat. Ed has already bought a nice
soldering station he just needs to get the soldering pen to go along with
it. These two desks will be moved out to Ed’s workshop when and if he gets
it cleaned and fixed up.

Ed’s workshop will also house the majority of the All Things DOS vintage
collection. With the exception of a few key system that will reside At Tom’s
house. In time a full virtual museum will be posted on All Things DOS. This
virtual museum has been started but has a long way to go. At All Things DOS
we are always looking for additional vintage systems. Though Tom has most of
what he wants for his personal collection. Ed loves working on these old
systems and hopes to see the collection grow.

While Tom studied programming in collage he is content to sit at a desk making the computers do his bidding. Ed on the other hand studied electronics and needs to get his hands dirty by tearing into and restoring these old systems.

Currently, the majority of Tom’s computers are in complete working shape, and
Ed is working to complete the last two machines in Tom’s assorted
collection; the Compaq Portable 2, and a new tweener, a Packard Bell Force
Legend mini tower which runs windows 95 through a 75 MHz Pentium processor
and 8 MB of RAM. Once these computers are returned to Tom in working
condition, Tom will have only one more micro-computer to complete his small
collection, and Ed can focus on his computers.


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