Many Thanks

I want to take this time to say “Thanks Much”.  It is because of our members that All ThingsDOS has become known the world over for our content, and your feedback.  It is Thea fact that’ we get new members almost daily on our FaceBook acct simply because of our varied content, and free. Software […]

IBM 5161 Expansion Unit – The Components

During my time as a member of the Vintage Computer Forums, and of course, after learning about the existence of the IBM 5161 expansion chassis, or unit whichever you prefer, I have been fortunate enough to have made numerous friends. Most of the friends I’ve met have some knowledge of the expansion unit, but there […]

All Things DOS Facilities Update

A couple of weeks ago Ed won two portable computer desks at action from the Clark County School District. He paid two dollars each for them. This weekend he has set the first up as a workbench. A place he can work on and repair vintage computers. He had installed a light with a large […]

Why do people collect old computers?

Well, to answer that question, one must ask why the interest?  Is it nostalgia? Or because you just like to collect old things, or are you into it for the money? Finally, is the collector attempting to obtain a particular computer from their past, but could never afford when new. Let’s answer each one of […]

Join the All Things DOS team

Do your friends and neighbors come to you when they have computer problems? Does you’re significant other question your stock pile of old computer parts and systems. Are you considered an expert on one or more vintage computer systems? If so then All Things DOS may be looking for you. All Things DOS is looking […]

Announcing the All New! All Things DOS Store

At All Things DOS we are pleased to announce the addition of our on-line store. Tom and Ed started All Things DOS with the idea of sharing their love for vintage computing with the world. We now have a growing membership and hope to see this continue to grow. We have added content including thousands […]

New Software Collection Added; Amstrad CPC

Lets face it Ed has gone a little far afield on his latest software collection. During the 1980s while living in England Ed had an Amstrad CPC system. When Ed discovered this collection he just had to add it. Of course, Ed no longer has his Amstrad so we have no way of testing these […]

Software Uploads

All Things DOS has completed the upload of over 4,000 Apple ][ disk image files this in conjunction of over 10,000 image files for the Commodore 64, thousands of early IBM programs a small handful of Lisa image files, and Vic-20 images  These file have been made available to All Things DOS site members. All Things DOS […]

Commodore 64 Programs

All Things DOS is in the process of adding hundreds of Commodore 64 Programs to our large collection of Vintage Computer Programs View our C-64 Program page for the full listing of Commodore 64 program disk images. We have not yet tested any of these files one we have we will add information on how […]

More Apple II programs

  Today All Things DOS added another than 100 disk images to our Apple II library. There are still 1,000+ images to go. If you haven’t already done so sign up and take a look at our growing library of early computer programs. Don’t Forget to check out the Commodore 64 library and the IBM […]

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