Computer Service

With a lifetime of professional experience our service manager has participated in what has been called the fastest industrial revolution of all time.  From vacuum tubes to micro chips, warehouse sized computers to handheld and beyond he has seen and in many cases worked on it all.

Services Offered

All Things DOS offers repair service on all types of Computer equipment from Vintage Personal Computers, to modern systems, and handheld devices.

Vintage Systems

Unlike many of today’s service centers, we worked on many of the vintage systems when they were new.  We offer a perspective that comes from years of professional experience in the industry with a strong technical background centered on early computers and electronics.

System repairs

Your computer not working?  All Things DOS can identify the cause of the malfunction and recommend corrective action, if desire we can identify and replace the failed parts and return the system to operation.

Floppy Drive Alignments

Getting random or constant read errors on your drive?  All Things DOS can help by cleaning and aligning our drive.

Dead Monitor, or out of adjustment

Our electricians can make internal adjustments or identify and replace failed components in your vintage display equipment.

Printer Malfunctions

We offer cleaning, alignment, and in many cases repair of all vintage printers.

Newer Systems

All Things DOS offers repair service on newer Personal Computers, and handheld devices.  At this time it is not practical to offer repair service on newer monitors, printers, scanners, or other peripheral equipment.  It is  our experience that the cost of repair often exceeds the replacement cost on these items.

All Things DOS does not recommend the shipment of newer computer systems to our office due to the cost of shipping.  We offer a free pickup service to all customers living in the Las Vegas Valley.

Please Note

Due to insurance limitations, All Things DOS can not allow customers in our service center.  Vintage computers and equipment may be shipped to our Las Vegas office for service.  We offer Free pickup and Delivery to customers living in the Las Vegas Valley.

There is a minimum $25.00 service fee which will apply if you chose not to have us fix your system.  At the discretion of All Things DOS this fee may be waved if we determine that parts are no longer available.

The customer is responsible for shipping the equipment to our service center, and any fees associated with returning the system to the customer.

For more information or to set up a service call please contact our service department.

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