20130518-194648.jpgtoday All Things DOS accepted the donation of a collection of vintage computer systems. Including two old TRS computers several Mac computers, a compaq portable II and more amount these are several printers.

Ed brought the compaq portable in to his office to test it, but needs to download the diagnostic disk so he cannon figure the system bios. Expect more on this soon.

There is also a Macintosh M0001, the worlds first Mac. Ed has been looking for one of these for awhile so excited to get into it. However at this time they do not have the mouse for it, Ed is hopping he can get this vintage system up and running soon. If anyone has a PDF of the hardware manual, the can send Ed at that would be great. He also needs the tool to open the M0001 case.

Stay tuned for a complete inventory, pictures, write ups and more to come as Ed and Tom dig into their newest finds.

All Things DOS continues to look for vintage equipment to restore and add to our growing collection. Feel free to contact our webmaster at or call him at (702) 517-3885 we are looking for original equipment, software and manuals. Also needed is a digital camera for Ed to use when working on the vintage systems. As well as a FireWire adapter for a PC to allow them to digitizer movies for posting on the site.

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