IBM DOS & MS-DOS Computers

There are clones, then there are compatibles, and lastly there are the Real McCoy’s Thousands of computers have emerged that run variations of MS-DOS. Some from large established companies like HP and DEC, others from new yet now established firm like Dell and Gateway, then there are those that like the original Apples were assembled in someone’s garage yet unlike the Apples never became established. Big name or no name for the most part they all run DOS applications. IN this section  of All Things DOS we have provided a collection of old DOS programs, both generic and specific manuals, as well as a collection of images from various DOS based systems.

In this section systems from the big name companies will be grouped under their brand, i.e Alice our IBM PC and Charlie our IBM XT will be listed under IBM computers while no-name systems may be listed under their processor type.

As always we would love to hear from you and would be happy  to build an info page on your system, to add to our gallery.

  1. DOS Program Library
  2. Compaq
    1. Portable II *
  3. IBM Computers
    1. 5150 PC (Alice) *
    2. 5160 XT (Charlie) *
  4. Tandy
    1. Tandy 1000 EX *
* These systems are part of the All Things DOS collection.

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