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The first computer system Ed worked on

The first computer system Ed worked on

Ed first became interested in computers at the ripe old age of 11 when while visiting his uncle in Riverside California, Ed showed interest in what his uncle was doing and as a result was taken under his uncle’s wing. In 1978 after graduating from High School, Ed joined the United States Air Force where his formal computer/electronics training begin. Ed first became involved with the NEW IBM Personal Computers in the 1980s while stationed in England. Over the years Ed has certified on just about every major brand of computers from large main frame systems to laptops and beyond. He is fluent in many operating languages including DOS, Windows, UNIX, and some that have been completely forgotten.

Ed is quick to say that he is not a computer expert, he is a computer professional. As a professional he knows his limits, and though he will push them, he seeks advice and directions from others more skilled than himself when needed. On many occasions Ed has had to fix computers whose repair had already been attempted by the local computer expert; someone who is not afraid to go beyond what he knows and really screw things up. Ed’s advice to anyone having computer problems is to take it to a professional, not to your neighborhood expert. After all if you break it down to its roots, an “ex” is a “has been”; and a “spurt” is a “drip under pressure”.

Besides computers, Ed is an Amateur Radio Operator, Community Emergency Response Instructor (CERT), Merit Badge Counselor for the Boy Scouts of America, and Instructor for the American Red Cross, and a future novelist.  Visit Ed’s fan page at http://www.EdwardDHall.

Ed was roped into helping with this website by his old friend Tom, who being old himself, has taken an unhealthy interest in old things especially the old IBM computers.

After many long years Ed has returned to school to finish his Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Physics for Education. Ed has always loved to teach and looks forward to one day sharing his knowledge and experiences with tomorrow’s leaders.

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