Join the All Things DOS team

Do your friends and neighbors come to you when they have computer problems? Does you’re significant other question your stock pile of old computer parts and systems. Are you considered an expert on one or more vintage computer systems? If so then All Things DOS may be looking for you.

All Things DOS is looking to add systems vintage computer experts. These are volunteer (non-paid) positions we are looking to add system experts who will share their love and knowledge for vintage computers with others. Your responsibilities will include writing blog post about your chosen system(s). creating system specific pages, with information, photos, tips, tricks, and advice. Where possible answering question posted by our membership about your specialties.

Initially, your posts and pages will need to be reviewed by Ed & Tom to insure they meet the All Things DOS standards.

All Things DOS is not just about DOS computers. Our current collection includes the Tandy TRS-80 CoCo, Apple ][e, Mac 128, Commodore C-64

No you do not need to live in Las Vegas, you don’t even need to live in the United States. In fact we would love to get team members from all over the world with expertise on systems specific to the area.

We are specifically looking for

  • Mac or Apple expert
  • Commodore and Amiga Expert
  • Tandy Computer Expert.
  • Experts in any vintage computer system.
  • Even experts in odd systems like the Amstrad.
  • Mini and mainframe systems like the DEC PDP-8/11, or Honeywell
  • Program experts in vintage programming like Basic
  • CP/M and UNIX experts.

If you are interested in helping to make All Things DOS please contact Ed for more information (702) 546-9003

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