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DEC PDP-11 computer system

DEC PDP-11 computer system

There are thousands of different Vantage computer systems out there and no way we can add them all to our collection. Ed’s background was largely in Mainframe computers so he would love a DEC  PDP, VAX, Micro VAX, or Data General Nova computer. However practically this isn’t likely to happen. However, there are many owners Vintage Computers out there just as proud of their system as Ed and Tom are of theirs. This area is for our members to add images and stories of their computers. Please send us the story behind your system, photos, or even videos. they can be e-mailed to ed@allthingsdos.com or due to file size limits associated with e-mail. they can be burned to CD and snail mailed to Ed at

6924 Camp Fire RD
Las Vegas, NV 89145

Don’t forget to include your contact info with the CD.

All Things DOS will recognize the user who provides the images including a personal e-mail if desired, as well as a link to a related personal website.

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