Community Service

At All Things DOS, we feel it is vital that we take part in our community.

All Things DOS is located in Las Vegas Nevada.  We would be happy to provide a short presentation to a scout troop, church group, class, youth program, etc on one of are areas of expertise.  Our presentations can last from about 15 minutes to an hour.  Please let us know if you want to include a question and answer session within this time or not.

Our topics include but are not limited too:

  • Computer history
  • Computer operation (how a computer works)
  • Why you don’t have to be afraid of your computer
  • Internet safety for parents
  • Why, when, and how to back up your computer.
  • Basics of electronics
  • Amateur radio
  • BSA Computer Merit Badge (may take more that one session)
For more information or to arrange a presentation contact us  Please include your Name, a phone number where we can reach you at, the address you would like the presentation to be given at, the topic you want covered, and the name of your organization.
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