Shipping Damage

This is a set of photos I received from a friend of mine who had purchased the exact same IBM computer and system as I bought in April of 2011.  Needless to say, I was very upset that his didn’t arrive in nearly as nice of condition.

This is another reason my wife Kirs wanted me to have her brother make the purchase and hold the entire system at his home in Southern California.  During a plannned visit by my wife and her mother, they would stop at her brother Steve’s place and pick up the system and load it into her car on the way home.

Needless to say, my computer arrived completely unharmed.

I think I was almost as devistated as Jimmy was when he opend the box only to find that the monitor was completely destroyed.  Even the neck on the back of the picture tube where all of the electrical components of the CRT are made, was completely broken off. There is no way to salvage this monitor.  The really sad part is that neither the seller, not E-Bay had any insurance on the system, so my friend Jimmy is out the money.  On the other hand, the main PC unit came through without a scratch.  And, after a likke reassembly, all of the keys went back onto the keyboard and it works like new.

Sadly though, these system are becomming more and more difficult to find.  Yes, as of right now, they can be had fairly cheaply, but as things like this occur, that means fewer and fewer for the future.

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