Many Thanks

I want to take this time to say “Thanks Much”.  It is because of our members that All ThingsDOS has become known the world over for our content, and your feedback.  It is Thea fact that’ we get new members almost daily on our FaceBook acct simply because of our varied content, and free. Software […]

IBM 5161 Expansion Unit – The Components

During my time as a member of the Vintage Computer Forums, and of course, after learning about the existence of the IBM 5161 expansion chassis, or unit whichever you prefer, I have been fortunate enough to have made numerous friends. Most of the friends I’ve met have some knowledge of the expansion unit, but there […]

Enough is enough!

Just like anything in the World, when it comes to collecting vintage computers, too much of a good thing can be a serious issue. If you’re just starting a vintage computer collection, whether it’s just one computer or several, you must be mindful of your goals. Now, these goals can change as time goes on, […]

Toms Dream…

How would you describe your Dream Computer? Here is the tale of how Thomas got his. At the time you got your first new computer home, did you call it fantastic, awesome, blah, stupid or even a pain in the butt? Well, here is a configuration Thomas would bet you would find pretty funny; especially […]

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