Time for a little update.

I’ve been out of town the last couple of weeks on an unplanned road trip back to Alabama. Long trip but that’s beside the point. Needless to say, I haven’t got much or to be honest anything done.

 I was hoping to go up in a couple of weeks to pickup the Computers Tom’s wife, Kris, is holding them for me she is suppose to have back surgery and the plan is or was to go up there watch her fur babies while she’s in the hospital then bring the computers home. In true Insurance fashion they decided they knew more than her doctor and refused the surgery so know we are waiting for the appeal. Fun. Fun. Any That is on hold for now. I need to get all the equipment so I can play with it and start posting.

 I did get an Apple IIe with two floppy drives and an apple monitor I was going to start with that however, it turns out the monitor is for a Mac not the Apple. Oh well I’ve got Mac systems to play with when I get everything together. Somewhere I’ve got an old Mono TV I just need to find it and hope it still works.

 That said, does anyone have a keyboard for the Surface Pro 3 they might want to donate? My shift key is on strike and only works about ½ the time.

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