IBM-5150 Initial Setup

Here in this set of photos is the very first setup I used with the newly purchased IBM 5150 PC. My wife had gotten the desk so she would have a place to work on or with her laptop. However, as it turns out, the desk was a perfect match for my PC. Prior to giving me her desk for my vintage PC, my wife added a completely new set of casters to aid in moving the desk, especially when and if additional weight is added. With only 3 shelves to work with, there certainly isn’t room for anything superfluous. There is a place for everything, and nothing else!

So with my first installation, the main PC, and monitor were allowed to sit on top of the desk, with the keyboard on its own pull out keyboard drawer. Then on the bottom is a printer shelf. I also stored the three manuals that came with the new PC. It was a nice small work area. It also felt a bit too, too, sterile somehow.

That was about to change with the arrival of the 5150 Expansion Unit.

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