TRS-80 Coco

The TRS-80 color computer affectionately nicknamed CoCo was the first computer either Ed or Tom had. In fact Ed bought it then when he was transferred to Italy in 1984 Tom got possession of it. Ed had upgraded the memory and maxed it out with chips he bought from a friend who had removed them from his Apple II. It was a great first system which they both enjoyed.

Though the CoCo maintained the TRS-80 name it did not use the Zilog Z80 processor instead used a Motorola 6809A therefore, it was not compatible with the older TRS-80 software. It still used the Tandy basic but not the same Tandy basic the older systems had used.

Additional Documents on the TRS-80 Color Computer can be found in the TRS-80 Documents section.

The above video does not come from All Things DOS. It comes from YouTube. We chose to include it here. Enjoy!
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