TRS-80 Tandy Computers

In 1977 Radio Shake made the leap into computers with their TRS-80 Model I. A poor name choice as they were soon nicknamed Trash 80s. The name came from Tandy Radio Shack Tandy being the parent company of Radio Shack. The 80 coming from the Zilog Z80 processor that powered the early TRS-80 computers. The developers originally in envisioned a kit computer much like Radio Shack’s other kits. However, since not everyone could sell it was decided they would go with a completed system. Management, fearful they wouldn’t sell, chose to send just one to every store. This way they could be used by the store if they didn’t sell. Not expecting to sell even 3,000 units a year, Radio Shack was swamped with 10,000 orders in the first month and a half even before they were in the store.

The TRS-80 line grow to include many models to include three generations of the color computer and the pocket computer. The color computers and the pocket computers were not compatible with the original TRS-80 line.

Tandy Documentation

TRS-80 CoCo Documentation

List of Tandy Computer Models

  • TRS-80 Model I 1977
  • Tandy 10 1978
  • TRS-80 Models II and 12 1979
  • TRS-80 Model III 1980
  • TRS-80 Model 4 1983 *
  • TRS-80 Models 16, 16b, and Tandy 16
  • TRS-80 color *
  • TRS-80 color 2
  • TRS-80 color 3
  • Model 100 line
  • Tandy 200
  • TRS-80 pocket computer
  • Tandy 1000 *
  • Tandy 2000
  • Tandy 6000

* Part of the All Things DOS collection.

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