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untitledAt All Things DOS we would like to build a comprehensive collection of vintage computer images, facts, histories, stories, manuals, programs, and more. If you have any images you would be willing to share please contact our webmaster.

When visiting our image galleries click on an image to open a larger view, use the arrows on the right or left to move forward or backward through the gallery , or click the small (x) in the upper left hand corner to close this view.

We realize there are some duplicated images. Many of these galleries were given to us, from many different sources.  Sorry if you find more than one copy of several images.  Most have been copied from various sources on the Internet, and copywrite belongs to the images original owner.

The Programs and files contained on these pages were taken from the Public domain.  If an Item is part of the public domain it may be freely copied, distributed, etc. Many of these come from The Old School Emulation Center. They may be freely downloaded from the Internet Archive. All Things DOS has added these to our site as a resource for our members. We do not own these programs nor are we selling them. However, copies may be obtained on DVD for a small service fee via the All Things DOS Store.


Access to these Programs and Documents on All Things DOS is limited to our membership. Membership is free. Join us to see all that we have to offer.

Systems marked with an * are part of the All Things DOS collection.

The All Things DOS Collection

These systems are part of the All Things DOS collection, those listed coming soon are in our collection already they are just awaiting there turn to be photographed and have their pages published.

Apple II the computer that started it all

Apple II the computer that started it all

The Mac M0001 Computer the first of the Macintosh line

The Macintosh 128 M0001 Computer

Macintosh SE
(coming soon)
(coming soon)
(coming soon)
IMG_0022 C-64
(coming soon)
101 Beginning
Compaq Potable 2
(coming soon)

Epson II+
(coming soon)

5005 - Alice Portable Desk V1 IBM XT
(coming soon)
Packard Bell
(coming soon)
TRS-80 Model 4
(coming soon)


What’s next?

Amstrad Computers

Apple Gallery:


Commodore Gallery:

DOS Computers

Compaq Gallery:


TRS-80 Gallery

Technical Waste

Shipping Damage

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