Vintage Software Collection


Yesterday All Things DOS started to add TOSEC (The Old School Emulation Center) Apple II program collection. This collection of over 1,000 vintage Apple II Disk images is available free to our valued members. As always membership to All Things DOS is free. Ed is still working to complete this vast collection. Currently he has only completed program starting with the letters A-F. This is in addition to our vast collection of early DOS programs. We will update our site as this project progresses. This morning Ed added a collection of over 200 vintage Commodore 64 disk images to our site.

Currently All Things DOS has not attempted to use either set of programs to build disks for our systems. We just haven’t reached the point where our collection is ready. Once we do so, complete instructions for using these images will be added to the program page. For now I am sorry to say you are on your own. Please share with us you experiences including what works and what doesn’t so that we may share the good and the bad with our members.

It is the goal of All Things DOS to provide a collection of pictures, software, manuals, tips, and tricks to as many vintage computer systems as possible. Currently All Things DOS is a project ran by Ed and Tom.  There are just the two of use. Both of us are disabled living on a limited income. We can’t afford to buy all the vintage computers we want, nor do we have the time to do everything we want with this site. We ask all our friends to please share pictures, information excreta about their vintage systems and experience. Anyone interested in becoming part of the All Things DOS team please contact us for more information.

Don’t let are name fool you we are not JUST about DOS based computers we are about all forms of vintage computing micros, minis, and main frames, we love them all.

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