Children of the 60’s

Those of us born in the late 1950’s to early 1960’s have a unique perspective on life and technology. We grew up and watched the world change around us. We watched as video games came from the arcade and into our homes. We watched as early gaming systems became more and more powerful, and we […]

IBM 5161 expansion – The Final Stage

Well, well, well… Here we are again. The final pieces of the puzzle have arrived and are ready to be installed. Unfortunately, I was hospitalized over this last weekend due to some unfortunate health issues, so nothing was done on the computer. As everyone who has been reading my posts knows, my IBM 5150 Personal […]

Start using your vintage computers and software

The numbers are growing. Vintage computer users are beginning to pop up everywhere; some in organized groups, but mostly just individuals on their own. Most people who go into vintage computing do so with a particular reason on their minds. I have already discussed some of those, but today I will be focusing on an […]

Enough is enough!

Just like anything in the World, when it comes to collecting vintage computers, too much of a good thing can be a serious issue. If you’re just starting a vintage computer collection, whether it’s just one computer or several, you must be mindful of your goals. Now, these goals can change as time goes on, […]

Toms Dream…

How would you describe your Dream Computer? Here is the tale of how Thomas got his. At the time you got your first new computer home, did you call it fantastic, awesome, blah, stupid or even a pain in the butt? Well, here is a configuration Thomas would bet you would find pretty funny; especially […]

Purchasing vintage computer equipment

Buying vintage computer equipment is something I never even though of before about 18 months ago. It started off with a conversation with a guy I work named Sean, regarding the awful keyboards we have at work. Sean had mentioned that all of todays’ keyboards should be like the old IBM clicky keyboards. That conversation […]

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